Do you know what weight works best for you?

Come try Ping’s new line of Cadence putters. We can fit you to the right length, lie, loft, and head weight. We are preordering for Feb. 12th.



Come and see what we have. Also have Sun Mountain and Ogio bags on sale!


New Shaft Fitting Cart!

To help make the fitting process easier we have a new fitting cart (1 of 7 fitting carts) for ease of use and a better customer experience!


Coming Soon! Wedge Cart

Now Here!!!!!

Titleist 915 Woods    


  We now have all the 915 Drivers, Fairways, and Hybrids for you to get fit for.

Call us today for a great custom fitting!!!

  Ping G30 shaft options !

For those looking for an aftermarket shaft for the Ping G30 driver, we have some great options! Call us today!

 Ping shaft options


We are proud to announce being awarded our fourth Ping Regional Club Fitter of the Year for 2013 to go along with our 2012 National Club Fitter of the Year. It is a lot of hard work but well worth it from the feedback we receive from our happy customers.

The Orange Whip

The ultimate golf swing trainer and fitness tool for today’s golfer and athlete. It is versatile, dynamic and the most effective swing aid on the market. Consistent use of the Orange Whip will improve your golf swing and provide an essential core-muscle workout.

SwingWing Resistance Trainer


Builds power and increases clubhead speed for consistently longer drives.
Promotes proper tempo, lag, sequencing, and a full body turn.
Fastest way to loosen up before playing.
Fits any club – simply slide over the grip and down the shaft.
Durable, yet soft, flocked vinyl… won’t damage graphite shaft.
Lightweight – easy to deflate, pack and carry.





Shift System from BodiTrak

“A thin, portable system for capturing center balance during a golf swing.”

Captures a golfers balance pattern Indoors, Outdoors, Uphill, Downhill, On the putting green and In the sand trap. It’s flexible, roll up design makes it very easy to setup, use and move to the next hole or golf course. BodiTrak balance systems have been used for nearly a decade in rehabilitation medicine research.

Contact us to see how the BodiTrak can help your Golf Swing!