20 years at Ted & Dave Custom Golf
20 Years, 240 months, 1040 weeks, 7,300 days, well you get the idea. This year marks our twentieth year
as an independent golf shop.
20 years in any small business is a significant achievement, in the golf business it is extraordinary.
Firstly I would like to thank all of our loyal clients, some of whom have been with us for all 20 years.
Without your support we would not exist. Your continued support is valued more than you can imagine.
Secondly I would like to thank all of our club companies and suppliers. Without their help none of this
would have been possible. These club Companies have continued our growth both in business volume
and knowledge about club fitting.
It goes without saying that a great location and a fine and understanding landlord are a blessing. For
that I am thankful to the staff and management of the Golf Canada Calgary Centre. From facility
manager, golf academy professionals, front counter staff and facility maintenance I have had the
pleasure of meeting and working with some extraordinary individuals.
I would also like to thank the PGA of Canada and particularly the Albert zone. They provide invaluable
resources in educational support. I am proud to be a member of such a fine organization.
And finally I would like to thank the staff of our company. People always make the difference. Our
business was founded on and remains dedicated to providing exceptional services and products at a fair
price. We are small in staff count but high in service and knowledge. My wife Linda has been with the
Company for all 20 years. She has provided sound financial and shop management. Without her we
would not be the success we are today. A few years back we took on a new associate. If you have been
in the shop in the last four years you have probably met him. His name is Robert Penner and he has
been a fine addition. Robert is a sponge and has soaked up a massive amount of knowledge in his time
with our Company. Like Linda he has brought his own ideas to our group. Both of them have taught me
many things over the years. Thank you both for helping me to become a better person and build a
better company.
I have worked with and learned from some of the best people in the industry. From club company
representatives and management, fellow golf professional and club fitters and every single person who
has come to me for a cub fitting or lesson. I have learned from all of you and I am grateful.
What I have seen, accepted, rejected and what just annoys me no end:
During my 20 years I have seen a number of ideas come and go. Some ideas make the grade, others
Our shop has experimented with frequency matching, moment of inertia matching, shaft oscillation,
equal length iron sets etc. I could go on and on with the esoteric ideas that golfers are presented with
but I am not going to do that. The only thing that matters is what is right for the person standing in front
of me during a fitting or lesson. Nothing else matters, not esoteric shafts, not frequency, not shaft
oscillation; nothing matters but that person and their needs. The bottom line usually comes down to the
basics. The meat and potatoes of club fitting, length, lie, loft and face angles. Shaft flex, weight and
material. Set matrix and yardage gapping. Proper bounce angles on the wedges. Proper lie, loft, length
and head style of the putter. The proper loft, face angle and length of the all-important driver, the driver
makes the game a whole lot of fun when it puts your ball in play and as far as each golfer is capable of
driving the ball.
Here are a few things I have trouble accepting:
 The shaft is the engine of the club. No it is not, you are the engine of the club.
 Shaft oscillation, I have never met a golfer who can hold a shaft as tight as a bench vice. Besides
the rules of golf clearly state that a golf shaft and I quote the rules of golf as follows:
i) Bend in such a way that the deflection is the same regardless of how the shaft is rotated
about its longitudinal axis; and
ii) Twist the same amount in both directions.
 Huge exotic shaft upcharges some shops sell their clients on.
95% of our fittings use a shaft that is designed by the manufacturer for the club in question or a no
upcharge option. Think about it, the engineers who design the clubs are very clever people. They use
science; yes golf is subject to the laws of physics, to design club components that work very well
together. The club fitter’s primary goal should be to find the best fit within those options, not the most
expensive shaft.
Now the one that makes my blood boil.
Lately we at Ted & Dave Custom Golf have noticed, while browsing the internet, a profusion of golf
shops offering the services of Master Club Fitters.
Let me provide a definition of Mastery.
Comprehensive knowledge or skill in a subject or accomplishment.
Comprehensive means a complete understanding of all or nearly all elements or aspects of a given
I have been club fitting for a full 20 years. I have read numerous texts on the science and art of club
fitting by a number of different authors.
I have attended and paid attention at numerous club fitting seminars provided by our club supplier
partners, such as Ping, Titleist, Mizuno, Taylor Made and Zevo. That’s right Zevo, how many out there
have been around long enough to have been fitting for Zevo in their heyday. I also fit Accuform clubs
when that great Canadian club company still existed.
I was named Ping’s Regional fitter of the year in 2005, 2008, 2009, 2013 and 2014.
I was named Ping’s National fitter of the year in 2012.
I have done more than 14,000 individual club fittings.
I have facilitated and presented at club fitting forums for the PGA of Alberta as well as privately for
groups of golf professionals.
In the early days I used a swing analyzer with overhead lighting and a sensor board. I then moved on to
the Vector system, and finally for the last ten years I have used Flightscope. In the early days of our
company we did a lot of work for Zevo. I served as a representative, club fitter and club maker for the
Canadian market. Our shop assembled clubs to Zevo’s standards including weight matching, head
grinding for shape, weight, sole contour, top line and leading edge, bent lofts and lies for custom iron
sets, lie and face angles for metal woods. We had the unique experience of following the process from
fit through build.
I am not nor have I ever said I am a master fitter. I repeat I am not a master fitter. I believe I will
continue to learn during every fitting. I have a long way to travel to achieve mastery and probably, no
certainly, will never do so.
I am offended by some of these shops proclaiming mastery!
I look forward to the next 20 years of Ted & Dave Custom Golf.
I will be 83 in 20 more years, so I am happy to leave my valuable current and future clients in the very
capable hands of my associate, Robert Penner, who will be taking the reins of Ted & Dave Custom Golf
at the beginning of 2017. I have passed what knowledge I have gained these last 20 years to Robert and
he is ready.
To all my students I will continue to offer instruction services and I look forward to whatever other
opportunities come my way in the future.
Thank you to all those who have mentored, trusted and travelled with me these last 20 years. You know
who you are and my thanks is heartfelt.
Ted Webster
PGA of Canada, Class “A” Professional
Ted & Dave Custom Golf
Golf Canada Calgary Centre


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