Edel Putters and Fitting System

Edel Putters have been gaining attention lately for both their unique designs and their approach to custom fitting.

Most putters are “toe down” or “face balanced”, meaning that when the shaft is held parallel to the ground the toe points downward or the face points up toward the sky.  Edel Putters, however, are “torque balanced”.  This means that when the shaft is held at parallel the toe points directly up.  Edel believes this reduces the amount of torque or twisting applied to the shaft which results in an easier, more consistent stroke.  Torque balance is achieved by removing weight from the underside of the putter near the toe, meaning that at address the putter looks like any other yet performs entirely different.

The other aspect that makes Edels unique is their approach to fitting.  Using the Edel fitting cart, we are able to change heads, shaft length, alignment lines, shaft offset, and counterbalance weights using the TourLock Pro and Opti-Vibe System (see photos below) during a fitting.  Our customers are able to see how each element affects the feel and performance of the putter.  Once the customer is dialed in, we send the information to Edel and they build the putter to spec.  We are able to fit the E-1 (mallet), E-2 (modified blade), E-3 (blade), and The Brick putters and they can be ordered in black, platinum, or gold finishes (pictured above).  The E-Series putters feature the PIXL insert, which consists of 93 PIXL’s (independent circular components, pictured below) that enhance roll on off-centre strikes.  The Brick features a deep cut soundslot which, in addition to enhancing roll on off-centre strikes, provides tonal feedback for the player.

Edel Putters start at $459 and since there are so many options for customization (some of which are included in the base price) final prices will vary.

Click here to read more from the Edel website.