Ted & Dave Custom Golf Presents: Michael Jacobs

Michael Jacobs is one of the most technologically astute Professionals in the world of golf.  His X Golf School in Manorville, New York features a GEARS 3D motion capture system along with his proprietary Jacobs3D software (developed with preeminent golf researcher, and coauthor of Elements of the Swing, Dr. Steven Nesbit).  Michael’s focus is on how the kinematics of the swing (the movements of the club such as speed, velocity, rotation, acceleration, etc.) are affected by the kinetics of the swing (the forces that cause the motion of the club) and how these concepts can be parlayed into your golf swing or to those of your students.  While Michael’s research tends to be rather technical, his ability to translate such complex information into concepts that can be easily understood and applied on the range is what sets him apart from his peers.

Michael is the author of several books including Swing Tips You Should Forget, Elements of the Swing: Fundamentals Edition, and the forthcoming Elements of the Swing: Masters Edition and he is a contributor to Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, and GolfWRX.  He is a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher, a Golf Digest Best Young Teacher for 2017, the #4 ranked teacher in New York state, and was the 2012 Metropolitan section teacher of the year.  His work has upset some of the traditional concepts of golf instruction and we look forward to both an enlightening lecture and an engaging question and answer session.

The seminar will take place on September 25, 2017 at the Golf Canada Calgary Centre (click for map).  Michael will be taking us through his work and providing a preview of his upcoming book Elements of the Swing: Masters Edition.  Afterward, we will open up the floor for what should be a lively discussion session.  The cost of the seminar will be $349 (CAD + Tax) which includes the seminar, catered lunch, and a copy of Michael’s book Elements of the Swing: Fundamentals Edition.  Coaches who sign up 3 or more students for the seminar are able to attend for free.