Putter Fitting Platform

One of the challenges when fitting a player for a putter on an uneven surface is determining whether a miss was caused by the players path, face to path relationship, or the break.  We sought to solve that problem by building our new Putter Fitting Platform.

The platform is built with a single slab of granite around a frame and topped with an artificial putting surface.  The platform was then leveled to ensure as smooth of a roll as possible.  There are holes at either end of the platform so it can be used for both lefties and righties.  Not pictured are the smaller platforms that are placed next to the main platform for the player to stand on while putting.

The point of all of this is to create an incredibly true putting surface to fit our customers on.  Our customers are able to see where their putts are missing without having to factor in how the surface may have impacted the roll.  We think our new Putter Fitting Platform will help us be even more precise in our fittings.